A Guide to Find Best Tiny House Kits for Sale

Tiny house movement becomes another popular life style among people all over the world. Tiny house turns from the place for living, into the place for a simple life style. Many people in the world build a cool tiny house for them and their family, used as the place for recreation. You also can consider to have such the beautiful tiny house where you and other family can enjoy the weekend together and do some interesting things together. Tiny house price could be so high, but if you can find the tiny house kits for sale it is not  a nightmare anymore.

About Tiny House Kit

tiny house kits

Have you every known about tiny house kit previously? The tiny house kit is actually a manufactured tiny house, but you need to construct them by yourself like a puzzle. You order the kit from popular manufacturer such as tumbleweed, and then they will send the kit to your site. How about the price? Tiny house kit price will vary, it is started around $5000 for the most affordable one. Tumbleweed itself offers the tiny house kit started from around $19,000 up to $25,000.

Tiny house kit could be the best option for everyone who argue that building a tiny house from the ground would be so exhausting and daunting. Anyway, it also needs the special skill such as carpentry skill. So when you think that you are not competent in this, the tiny house kit is the good option you need to consider. With only minimum skill of carpentry, you can finish it with the help of someone. The works will be at east 5 days.

Tips to Get Tiny House Kits for Sale

tiny house-kits for sale

These days, there are many manufacturers who offer tiny house kit and shell. The price, as i have said previously, will vary started from around $5000. If you want to have the good one, its price could be so high, started from $19,000. So the sale is a very great news which encourages you so much. Consider those things before purchasing any tiny house kits for sale.

The tiny house kit should have certain type, with its own style and measurement. Tumbleweed itself offers many types such as cypress, elm, and many more. Make sure you have recognized the type of tiny house you want to buy. Although it is offered with sale, but it does not mean you do not learn about it the more.

Ensure whether the house is delivered to your site or not, is there any additional cost for shipping, or free?

Choose the location you want to put a tiny house. Before purchasing you need to prepare it the first.

To get the sale could be not as easy as you think, so you need to check to the stores more often, ask about the sale they offer that might be once in a year.


  1. Looking for tiny house to put over my swim spa which is 8’x 14’

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