How To Build A Tiny House for Cheap

Do you really want to have very cool tiny house? You can even build it for cheap. Realizing the best dream tiny house even can be done in very minimum cost. So how to build a tiny house for cheap? Here are the ideas you should read.

Tiny house popularity increases year by year.  There are many people in united states and entire world own tiny houses built for different purposes. Building tiny house, however, invites pros and cons. Tiny house may be the solution for the homeless people. Its cost will be lots lower if compared to the standard home size. On the other side, it also may invite the cons from some people who feel that its property value is annoyed by the existence of tiny house.

DIY Tiny House

diy tiny house

You can consider to build for the diy tiny house. This could be cheaper if compared to building the contractor’s tiny house. The price may be lots lower even up to a half. DIY tiny house price is at least $2000 up to the best premium one as high as $50.000. If compared to the contractor-built tiny house, which may cost at least $5000 and can reach as high as $80.000, the DIY option is the best to save your money a lot. When you have considered to do this project, it is better if you are a person who are not too busy so you can finish it so soon with the help of your relatives or family members.

Tiny House Kit

tiny house kit

Purchasing the tiny house kit is considered as the other way to build it for cheap. You know that its price may be very lower if compared to build it by contractor. You order the kit from manufacturers. Then you structure it by yourself like a puzzle. Its price is also started from around $2000. The time to finish it is at least 100 hours, so fast, right? This a good idea if you want to get a cool tiny house in cheap price.

Tiny House Shell

tiny house shell

Doing the tiny house diy and tiny house kit is not possible, because you have no experience at all about carpentry, as well as no experience to build any building during your life. You can purchase the tiny house shell, and it will be super comfortable and easy to do, as give you ease because your task is only to decorate its interior part, or simply called as doing the finishing job. However, tiny house shell price is more expensive than the kit, but this could be an alternative of how to build a tiny house for cheap.


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