Prefab Tiny House Kits Design and Price

The tiny house is as the favorite item among Americans in these days. Following the popularity of tiny house nation, a television program about tiny house, there are many people finally decide to have their own tiny house used for various needs including recreation and as the second home. Tiny house becomes the more popular, that’s why there are many manufacturers offer prefab tiny house kit as an interesting offering for people who want to have tiny house in a very simpler way.

Prefab Tiny House Kit Designs

prefab tiny house kits plan

Prefab tiny house is just like the other type of tiny house. It is the same small in size, no more than 500 square feet. Sometime it only with 20 feet by 8 feet only. However, the tiny space still can provide any spacious and maximum uses to everyone using. The prefab tiny house kit, however, is made and produced by the manufacturers, and ready to send to your site if you order it. There are some pieces of home including the door, the window, the wall, roofing, and the flooring that you should structure by yourself like a puzzle. It becomes so interesting for you every DIY enthusiast, because you can arrange your own tiny house with the help of someone. Meanwhile for the design it just looks like another standard tiny house. There are many types that manufacturers offer, with different design and sizes.

Prefab Tiny House Interior

prefab tiny house kits

When talking about interior, it depends on you obviously. Decorating the interior part of the prefab tiny house kit is according to your style and personal preference. The prefab tiny house kit does not come with the furniture and the interior stuffs, so you need to look for it separately. The small chaise with couches, and also the folding table, would be so cool as the interior part of the house. Decorate it just like another standard home. You can add wall decor, paint the wall with your favorite color, add the dramatic lighting, and many more. For design inspiration of prefab tiny house kit, you can see the photo above.

Prefab Tiny House Price

After talking about the design, another important thing you need to know must be the price. How does the prefab tiny house kit costs? The budget and cost would be the things make you so worry. I don’t want to say that it is cheap, or expensive, because it will vary depends on some variables. However, some manufacturers offer you the prefab tiny house kit under $5000, sounds interesting right? For the average price itself, it is around $20.000.


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