Best Cheap Tiny House

A tiny house will always offer different excitement to the users. You also might really want to have any cool tiny house, but for sure that it may price high. The tiny house is purposed usually as the second home, this place is used by people where they can use it as the place for relax, and having a short vacation in a cute tiny house with loved ones. That’s why tiny house is usually located in the place with beautiful scenery, or in a beautiful landscape. It reminds us the the small building namely cabin. If you have only the limited budget, so you need to find the cheap tiny house.

Cheap Tiny House

If you want to have the cheap tiny house, there are some considerations you should take into account. Budget plan, material to use, the construction, will be such the important matter should be included into your plan. Notice that the average price to build a tiny house from the ground is about $23.000, but you could even get the tiny house with lower price. How to get the cheap tiny house? Here are the ideas you should read.

Diy VS Hiring Professional

It will depend on you whether you want to build it by yourself or hiring the professional. You need to make a deep consideration about it, by thinking about your skill, experience, and also time you have to spend. If you want to make a diy tiny house, you may be required to spend more than 200 hours to finish it. That’s why, you should ensure yourself whether it is possible to do it by yourself or not. However, if you require for the cheap tiny house, the diy project will work. You does not spend money to pay other people, it save your money more.

However, if you want to have best result of tiny house design, it is better if you hire other people to build your tiny house. Be carefull when selecting the contractor, choose one that offers good service as well as good price. So it is better for you to read any review about the contractor you are going to hire, or you can simply do the discussion with your friends or family member.

How about the price? Diy project of building tiny house priced at east $2000, and may be higher up to $40.000. If you hire the contractor, the price will be so different, it is started from $5000 and may reach the highest point at $80.000. If you require for the cheap tiny house, diy project is the ideal choice for you.

Kit VS Shell

You think that diy project is not possible to do to have the cheap tiny house. You think that you do not have enough time, and of course with no experience at all. So you can consider to buy the tiny house kit or the tiny house shell. What is the different between two of them? Tiny house kit is purposed for you with minimum experience of building home, minimum carpenting skill. You will receive the pre assembly tiny house, and your task is to structure and built it. You will receive some parts and tools, and your task is structuring it like a puzzle. The tiny house kit price is at least $2000 up to $35.000.

How about the tiny house shell? This will be another good option for you with no building experience and no carpenting skill. The shell is delivered to us with door, window, floor, wall and roof have been structured. Our task is only decorating its inside, and some finishing. Its price is higher than the kit, started from $5000 up to $60.000. However, if you require for the cheap tiny house it may be the goo choice for you.

Buying A Cheap Tiny House

The goodness is not only belong to the new one. You also can consider to buy a second-hand tiny house, and it will be a good choice because you are less energy, thought, and usually less budget. You can do some search on internet, or ask some informations from your friend about the cheap tiny house which is going to be sold. The price may vary, but you need to effort finding it from different sources of information. It is started around $5000 and even less. Make sure that the house is in the area you prefer.

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