5 Cool Inspirational Images Of Tiny Houses

Building a tiny house has become the trend many people in america do aimed for many kind of purposes. Tiny house is used as the second home for some people, it is used for recreation, and spend the spare time among the days for doing everything we love. The house is also could be the solution for the homeless people, because building a tiny house is not as expensive as a traditional large home. For people who feel so tired with mortgage and loan of home, you can escape from this big burden by turning yourself into a cool tiny house. If you are a single or a person with two until four family member, this idea still could be worth. To help you choosing the best tiny house designs, here we have 5 cool images of tiny houses.

Rustic Tiny House


How about the rustic tiny house style? This type of tiny house could be the favorite of you all who love back to nature appearance. Rustic tiny houses use mostly wood as the material, the wood that looks old and rustic. It is usually hardwood, and you can choose various types of wood like oak or teak as the material of your rustic tiny house. The use of log as the frame of window also could be so cool. Plus, you also can use it as the bench among house. Pallet will be so much interesting as well to choose as the material to construct this house.

Modern Tiny House


You also can bring feeling of modern and contemporary into your tiny houses, as it also will be very cool coming with simple sleek material and structure. This modern house style also has the high end value as the form of sophistication brought into a house. Material such as glass and metal are used dominantly in this house style, which bring the more feeling of futuristic sometime.

Tiny House On Wheel


If you think that you want to utilize your tiny house like an RV, so you should add the wheel beneath it. Mobile tiny house is super cool, because you can take it anywhere you  want. You can take it into the lake, into the beach, into some beautiful landscapes you want. This type of tiny house is fully made for recreation, and you can use it as the alternative place to night beside the camp or hotel. It will be so pleasing going anywhere with family while bringing a house.

Tiny Cabin House

Making such a cute cabin just like a tree house with tiny house concept is another cool idea everyone should consider. I personally love cabin as it is filled with mostly nature look to its parties. How about designing the tiny cabin house? You can see the image above, and see some images of tiny houses in other sources.

Tiny Container House


Container house also becomes another trend these days among Americans. You can choose a container and turn it into a cool tiny house. Decorate its interior as cool as possible, the look that meets your requirement, and then let every pleasure created within it.

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