Best Tiny House Build

These days, people who build the tiny house increase rapidly. They try to make such a cool house with tiny size consisting the appliances and furniture like in a traditional home. Tiny house becomes so popular in America, as it is a solution as the solution for homeless, as well as the place simply for recreation and amusement. People build tiny house for different purposes. Some of them aim of having this super small home as the second home. Where they can live there simply for relax there. Some people build it as the first home, a place where people do many activities there. If you are looking for the ideas about tiny house build, here we are going to help you.

Tiny House Build

Tiny House Build Concept

If you want to have such the cool tiny house, making a plan is a thing you need to do with deep consideration. Tiny house build should be done by professional. These days, number of tiny houses increase, and people’s interest to have such this kind of house is also increase rapidly. You can build the house either by professional or even amateur. The people love living simply in a very small homes, imagining like living in a small closet with windows and doors in front of their faces. This could be so cool for them, and remembering me to a cool small tree houses.

Tiny House Size

The tiny house is super small house built over the land no more than 500 square feet or 46 m2. The wide and the length may vary depends on the space availability and also the design preference. If you have a residential structure with less than 500 square feet, it can be accepted as the tiny house. You may have the tiny house with 7 feet by 18 feet or less, or 8 feet by 20 feet or less, or 20 feet by 25 feet for the largest one.

Meanwhile, the average size of a new single family homes is around 2,400 square feet or 160 m2, its number changes year by year. We should be able to distinguish the two terms between small and tiny. Small homes maximum size is 1,000 square feet, meanwhile the term tiny is applied when the maximum size is only 500 square feet, a half of the small home itself. So when you are going to build a tiny house, make sure you have known about its size.

Tiny House Pros and Cons

Tiny house build may give you the plus and the minus, simple called as pros and cons. Having a tiny house will be super fun and exciting, especially for them who love spending time in a artistic building that covers small space. Beside, tiny house build also will be less expensive. You only need to spend money even with only $2000, with the most expensive as high as $50.000. The taxes, maintenance and repair cost also will be smaller than the traditional large home. It also encourages you to a simpler life style.

The small house is also a practical one that incorporates multi-functional furniture with space saving equipment. On the other side, there must be the cons of it, including coming from the environment or neighbor who feel disagree or annoyed with such kind of look near their home caused by the tiny house. The tiny house may impact to the property value owned by other people near it.

With Wheel Vs Without Wheels

You can consider to have the tiny house on wheel. It is usually called as mobile tiny house as well. For some people who feel that it is not necessary to mobile their house. You can build it without wheel. The mobile tiny house were popularized by Jay Shafer. He designed and lived in a 96 sq ft house and later went on to offer the first plans for tiny houses on wheels, initially founding Tumbleweed Tiny House firm. The mobile tiny house is a great choice for you who love spending time in a beautiful place. You can bring your house and attach it into your truck, RV, or simply to the van. This will be such a cute idea. If you think that it is no need to have the wheels, you can consider to do the tiny house build attached to the ground.

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