5 Excellent Tiny House Shower Ideas

I also really want to have a very cool tiny house as my second house, and then it can be utilized as the perfect place for having such an excellent vacation with loved ones. The tiny house then becomes the more popular in these recent days, but then you might think, how it can serve you many things while it is tiny, less than 400 square feet! But don’t you know that the tiny houses even have their own bedroom, living room, kitchen and even shower. Tiny house shower could be very cool, there are some ways you can do to realize it.

You may think that your tiny house shower is very tiny, with around 30x30 feet. But you can make it more spacious and comfortable, so here are the ideas you should follow.

Choose The Materials of Tiny House Shower

tiny house shower

There are some possibility you can choose to build your tiny house shower. The fiberglass is as one of the popular material which is decorative and easy to put together. You can use the bathroom wall with fiberglass material and it could such the simple functional thing which answer your requirement. You also can choose metal shower for the tiny house as it could be safer especially when applied in RV or mobile tiny house.

Horse Trough

How about the horse trough shower tub? This will be another great option which gives cool and adorable look into your shower. It is lightweight as well as affordable.

The Tub

tiny house tub

Choosing the right tub for your bathroom and shower is another essential thing. There are variety options you can choose in the market, you can adjust into your personal preference. You can choose the Japanese soaking tub which is compact and luxurious. The wooden tub will be another great idea that provides you full of elegance. You also can create the entire shower with wood, and it could be the fantastic alternative which gives super cool result.


Tiling is another great way to make our tiny house shower looks amazing. Otherwise, it is heavy, and tend to get shift and crack when jostled on the road (if you want to have the mobile tiny house). So before ensure yourself to have this, consider its pros and cons. However, for the artistic look all around the shower, it is best choice. You can even create the mosaic shower with reclaimed tile pieces.


tiny house shower curtain

Adding very nice curtain to the shower area can add its breathtaking look. Curtain can add privacy, decoration, as well as the feel of shower itself. You can enhance a particular theme such as shabby chic theme, and it is reflected through the cool curtain with shabby chic accent. You can find easily variety of curtain designs in the market.

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