Tiny House Shell: Pros, Cons, and Features

Tiny house becomes so popular not only among Americans, but also to the whole world. Living house in a tiny spaces is now spoken by many people in some mass media, social media, and even by mouth. As the result, number of people who feel so interested in building a tiny house increase year by year. However, for them it is something very pleasing. It is also as the way to simpler their life. If you want to be the part of them, you can consider to build your own tiny house, or ask professional to do this. The simplest way is by purchasing a tiny house shell.

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Pros And Cons of Tiny House Shell

Purchasing the tiny house shell may be good and bad, it provides pros and cons. The pros why you should purchase this is, that it requires less energy rather than should built it by yourself from the ground. It also takes fewer time, and could be finished even less than 5 days with only two people who do. You know that for some people with very minimum building experience, the tiny house shell could be a very good option.

How about the cons? First of all we are going to discuss about budget. If you have big problem with budget, the tiny house shell sometime is not a good option. It will be quite expensive, started from $10.000. Meanwhile, if you build the tiny house by yourself, or buy a tiny house kit, the price could be lots lower. You can save money the more. Beside, the tiny house shell construction and material is not custom like what we really want, it only depends on the manufacturers.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Shell

tiny house shell

Tiny house shells, however, will give you the ease to construction, because it consists of complete parts and usually shield with safe material to send to your site. You only need to decorate its interior. Based on tumbleweedhouses.com, the tiny house shells they offer will include some features such as:

  • Tumbleweed Tiny House Trailer: Trailer includes brakes, lights, underside flashing & more.
  • Sub Floor: We fully insulate the floor, which is cleverly embedded into the trailer.
  • Head Space: Our trailer’s unique design provides an extra 3.5″ of head room.
  • Walls & Roof: Stick-built walls and roof are framed and attached to the trailer.
  • Secured: 8 engineered Simpson Strong tie-downs and engineered strapping.
  • Water Resistant: Framing sheathed in zip boards, an integrated vapor barrier.
  • Roof Protected: Ice and water shielding applied. (Full metal roof is option.)
  • FREE Building Plans: Free set of Cypress or Elm plans with your Tiny House Shell.
  • Optional upgrade: Tiny House Certified Shell.

Tumbleweed itself is the most popular tiny house contractor which provide tiny house floor plan, tiny house kit, tiny house shell, and many more you need about tiny house. You also can consider the other contractor to make deal.

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