Best 3 Used Tiny House for Sale

Living in a tiny house means so much about space and money saving. Affordable and efficient lifestyle are two of the benefits to enjoy among many. To even more minimize cost, buying a used tiny house is a good way. Used tiny house for sale offers many benefits. The design and decor that are already available inspire. In case you are not so into it, then you can plan for some makeovers. Play with new furniture sets, storage ideas and colors to create brand new look in the old tiny house. They will lead to the fresher atmosphere. Ideas and pictures are so many to learn via internet.

At Tiny House Listings, there are a number of used tiny houses for sale. You can access the site to find out most interesting unit of tiny house for sale. Although in used condition, it is still proper to become a primary residence. Here are some of them to become your references.

Used Tiny House for Sale Tiny House Listings

  • Quality Built Tiny Home

quality built tiny home

It has 135 Sq Feet not including loft. The price is $28,000. In the loft, there are bedrooms. The construction only has 1 bathroom. It is located in Plateville, WI.

Its outside has smart siding with fully caulk and seal quality. The jack stands are full in all 4 corners. Metal roof gives stylish look completion which fancy with aesthetic exterior lighting.

The interior finish is completely with spray foam insulation. Pine walls that knotty give uniquely aesthetic texture to become the background for accessories and wall art decor. Do you love cooking a lot? The custom cabinets are nice build to perfectly create a fine work-space. Propane fuel cook top, fridge and storage for organization are all exceptional. Laminate flooring will make sure of easy cleaning with low budget makeover. Anytime, you can remodel it for the fresh atmosphere.

In order to save money on electricity bill, loft with sky light is certainly a feature. The bathroom is with stand up shower, vanity and propane fuel water heater. They are budget and space friendly.

Do you feel an interest upon this tiny house? Just call 608-845-2510.

  • Tiny Towable House-Rockwall, Texas

tiny towable house rockwall texas

The building has 192 square feet and for sale at $49,900. In the loft, there are bedrooms. It has 1 bathroom. Convenient living is nice with minimalist style of this tiny cabin house.

The exterior is cedar with natural finish and window frames stain. Do you feel an interest upon this tiny house for living space? Just contact via email

Cabin Used Tiny House for Sale

  • Hand Crafted Tiny Cabin

hand crafted tiny cabin

Beautiful tongue and groove pine walls Southern Yellow is in contrast by cedar ceiling with polish. The convenient living supports which by the size 399 square feet. Space availability is in maximization with built in storage stairs, multiple closets and shelving units. To become a recreational property, this tiny cabin suits perfectly with French doors patio.

Just by spending $61,375 you can get this building. There is also 5 years warranty.

At Tiny House Listings, there are more references of used tiny house for sale. Browse the site and who knows you may find one that suits every spec you want.

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