6 Best House Selling Apps That Can Help You Sell Your Tiny Houses Faster

We present this article for those of you who are planning to sell their house or vice versa those who are looking for the ideal residence for them. As a blog that focuses on discussing the types of tiny houses, we think it's still relevant to review various best house selling apps that you can use to accelerate your home sales.

Usually people will buy a house with dozens of very detailed considerations. Water quality and access to public facilities such as schools, supermarkets, hospitals are also important considerations, and some include the range from home to work at the top of the list when looking for a new home.

Best House Selling Apps That Can Help You Sell Your Tiny Houses Faster

The toughest thing when a buyer is hunting for a house is the time efficiency factor. Now with the support of smartphone technology, narrowing the top list of homes to be surveyed can become more practical. This is certainly a perfect breakthrough where buyers can meet the right seller with the touch of a finger on the screen.

The 6 Best Home Selling Apps of 2022

We managed to review 6 best app for selling home with strict criteria so you can immediately choose which one is the most suitable for use. Then we make sure this list of apps to sell house supports popular platforms like Android and iOS. In order to bring out the maximum results, we also choose apps that have a high user rating and a price that is free to use.

Finally, we understand that for the final decision, buyers usually want to meet face-to-face with agents or sellers like you. For that reason, in this list of apps that we review, we make sure that they support these features or services.

1. Best Overall: Zillow

Zillow is the most complete house selling apps with 3 main features that it carries, where you allow you to sell property, buy or rent a house, then meet real estate agents directly on the listing of the house you are interested in. Not only that, all mortgage searches are fully supported in one place, namely Zillow.

With a database of 135 million houses and apartments to buy and rent, a search on Zillow is quite complete. How to sell home on Zillow? You can sort and narrow your search from price, location, house size, number of rooms, reviews to tax history.

With a long history in this field, this makes Zillow an actual and trusted source for buyers, sellers and renters. That's why we give this app a good predicate, this is the future of real estate! we suggest you at least install Zillow first for free.

Download: iOS | Android

2. Best Searchability: Trulia

Trulia is the next best app for selling home that we recommend. Although several years ago it was acquired by Zillow Group, Trulia still has different features and looks with a focus on properties such as apartments, condominiums and townhouses.

How to sell on Trulia? this is a question for many readers on our blog, of course it's easy once you understand how this app works. You can take advantage of filters such as photo galleries, video searches to the most interesting is a 3D house tour, it is the most preferred by potential home buyers or renters.

We are sure you will not find a search filter as good and easy as Trulia in other similar applications. Even every house that you mark as a favorite you can continue to follow its updates via email notifications, how the price has dropped, its sales status, etc.

Download: iOS | Android

Best House Selling Apps That Can Help You Sell Your Tiny Houses Faster

3. Best for Buying at Auction: Xome

Xome is an auction house app that lets you easily bid or auction, basically using this app is free. This digital tool is the perfect link for sellers, buyers and agents.

For sellers Xome apps are very lucrative with free access to exclusive and extensive marketing tools and property marketplaces. Then when an auction is won, the seller is given the freedom to accept, reject or fight the offer from the buyer.

Of course for buyers this is a sought-after paradise, because Xome's popularity makes these apps have a large active member. The more active users, the more options for buyers to bid on the auction house they dream of.

Download: iOS | Android

4. Best Value: Redfin

Redfin is a house sales app known as the biggest discount real estate broker in the United States. Having been operating since 2004, this broker provides low commission rates and services. Redfin provides 1.5% signups for sellers and this is very low compared to the 2.5–3% figure for conventional markets.

As a legitimate company, Redfin has helped thousands of sellers and buyers achieve their dreams since becoming a public company in 2017. We recommend to get the best results, you do an in-depth interview session with the available agents.

Download: iOS | Android

5. Best Realtor Options: Homesnap

Homesnap is a house sales app that partners with MLS (Multiple Listing Services) to get a real-time database of 200 local listings across the country. You might be even more surprised that this platform has worked with 85% of authorized agents in the US.

According to the reviews we collected, Homesnap gets the highest rating of similar apps in terms of excellent support. This is certainly the best reason for you to try various features such as school zones, open house schedules and home past history.

If you are a regular user, then you are 100% free of subscription fees. However, for realtors, they use a different app, Homesnap Pro, which costs $49.99 per month or $599 per year.

Download: iOS | Android

6. Most Reliable: Realtor.com

Realtor.com is another best selling house apps that we highly recommend for you. In addition to having features and functions that are more or less the same as the list of apps that we have reviewed above, these real estate apps are also very unique in terms of their features.

One that we highlight is the GreatSchools feature, this allows potential home or apartment buyers to find out the location of the nearest school complete with information on the number of students and the school rating.

In addition to the convenience of buyers, other important features also deserve appreciation. You'll want to know what the crime rate rating is in the radius zone of the house you are going to survey, including the noise level and the statistically inherent risk factors for natural disasters.

Meanwhile, in the filter menu, you can select specific variables, such as an additional swimming pool, the presence of central heating, the location of a seaside property, or a beautiful view of the mountains that are of added value to consumers.

That's why house apps like zillow are at the top of the list for you to try for yourself. You can have a different experience with this Realtor.com.

Download: iOS | Android

#1 Best Tiny Houses: Tiny House Listings

Best Tiny Houses: Tiny House Listings


And here are the apps that best fit the theme of our blog, Tiny House Listings. With this app you as a buyer, seller or renter will find the largest database of tiny houses on the Internet today.

Also take advantage of the essential filter options to find the best, most suitable results. Various criteria such as the type of property cabin, boat, RV, converted bus, trailer, shell, camper, parking, etc. This is usually a basic consideration for people looking for information on tiny houses.

In addition, various supporting features are also supported by the Tiny House Listings apps, of course buyers usually want to know whether the tiny house to be purchased or rented has certification, price, downstairs sleeping, dual lofts, flush/compost toilet, skylights, house size, wood stove, folding decks, etc.

The most interesting part is that you can schedule a free 5-minute consultation with the experts in this apps listing, as well as support from 30 banks for financing if you are interested in buying on credit.

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A to Z Best Tiny Houses For Sale Information For You

Could you live in a tiny house? It means downsizing and living just with what you need the most. The considerations are yours. Whether buying a tiny house or building, make sure of the most advantageous values in the selection. Tiny houses for sale can be found online. Just see the advantages if you prefer a tiny house to larger one. Avoiding mortgage payments is one of them. You can also cut loose by living in a tiny space house.

tiny houses for sale

In this article, you are given some factors whether buying or building. Each has its own value to take into account. Here they are;

Buying or Building a Tiny House Considerations

  • Construction Skills – In the wilderness, most people can have a structure improvised. In Most suburbs, the structures of bamboo and leaf would not be up to building codes. This is indeed a problem if you want to go for those materials. Some basic skills on carpentry are required along with a set of tools. Plumbing and electrician works are more complex skills in the building on a new tiny house. It is okay if you are able to do it by yourself. If you do not, then it means hiring a handyman to do the job.
  • Specialized Materials – Special considerations are required in the building of a new structure. It is so much different from remodeling projects. Weight and durability are essential elements to take into most of the account. Professionals have been building tiny houses for sale to handle at highway speeds. Yes, specialized materials play role here. They will also make sire of strength and stability against hurricane and earthquake.
  • Professional Warranties – There are different options available depending on the structure of the tiny house itself. You need to ensure that the structure is built by the real professional contractor. This is an investment for the future in case unwanted thing happens.
  • Potential for Resell – Having a tiny house means a lot more than just becoming a living space but also investment for the future. In case you are about to resell the house, you would want it to be in a fine condition.

Living in a tiny house can liberate you with the right temperament. If you are a lover to adventure and freedom, it should be just fun to experience. Not to mention the other benefits to enjoy by living in the space.

Fabulous Tiny Houses for Sale to Order

Minim House – It is 262 square feet with cost $71,000. It is an open house with living area that multi-functional. The warmth is given well by the solid walnut floors. Appliances are sleek made of stainless steel with space saving furniture sets.

Alpha from New Frontier Tiny Homes – It is only 240 square feet and priced $95,000. They key features to enjoy are siding in charred cedar along with wall and ceiling constructed on reclaimed wood. Others such as granite counter tops, oak library ladder, king size loft, shiplap interiors, stainless steel farmhouse sinks, Jacuzzi shower and tub in full-size, subway tiles and more are so exciting.

alpha from new frontier tiny homes

Escape Vista Sport – It has 110 square feet (the picture shown below). There are also available models in 160-square-foot, 219-square-foot, 240-square-foot, and 319-square-foot. The price is $29,800 with impressive key features. They are queen bed with underbed storage, LED lighting, panoramic windows, maple cabinetry and more.

escape vista sport

Greenmoxie – It has 340 square feet for sale at $65,000. Key features are roof water recovery system, ceiling and fixtures are made of reclaimed wood, electric drawbridge deck and more.


The Shonsie from 84 Lumber – It has 154 square feet, loft is excluded. The cost is varying. They are;

  • $6,884 for trailer and plans
  • $22,884 for trailer, plans, and shell
  • $59,884 for a move-in ready build

Key features are rolling library ladder, sliding barn door, folding dining table, ceiling storage compartment, LED lights and full-size shower.

the shonsie from 84 lumber

These are tiny houses for sale available to surf online for the more to learn the details. Whether stationary or tiny houses on wheels, many benefits can be gained to the efficient lifestyle.

There are more information for you to browse on the internet. In current economic difficulties, it is best to save some to get more. And you can get them by having a tiny house.

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