Creative Ideas for Building Tiny House Stairs

Stairs are preferred more for tiny houses and RVs. On this post, you will learn some creative ideas to do for building tiny house stairs. They are space saver without overwhelming available space. Yes, this is about creativity in design ideas. Depending on your tiny house design, ideas are flexible. What you have to do is planning, measuring and applying everything to get the very best values.

tiny house stairs

Material, design, style, dimension, color and finish are considerable elements. Stair ideas for tiny house below will help to inspire you. Pictures show the details.

Space Saving Tiny House Stairs Ideas

Folding Staircase

It is easy to fold away or retract when you are not using the staircase. You can adjust to aesthetically and safely give completion in your tiny house design. The right handrail will work fine.

folding staircase

Spiral Staircase

To create practicality without messing with aesthetic value in your tiny house, pick the tiny size spiral staircase. Tinier is the better so that more space can be used for other practical ideas. This means a lot about creativity to feature best stairs.

tiny spiral staircase

Tansu Steps

Japanese! Wood storage boxes are stacked and secured to form an aesthetic and steady stair design. The boxes serve as storage spaces too. Does this sound like multi-functionality? Yes, it is. You can build from scratch or modify your existing bookshelf to build the Japanese Tansu steps.

tansu steps

Alternating Tread Staircase

It is a great way to save space availability in tiny houses. The design is in form of sailor’s steps. This step is nice to exercise a little bit. Just let your muscle memory to do ascending and descending.

alternating tread staircase

Repurposed Staircase

Just like stair designs in bunkbed and playground, they look so similar. If you have the bunk beds with stairs, then why not repurposing them to become great design of tiny house stairs. Or, you can also check local resale shop, estate sales, garage sales or Craigslist. You might find set for the project.

repurposed staircase

Depending on requirements and taste of style, the tiny house stairs mentioned can be really great space savers.

Play with creativity to get best design more than just connecting the lower level to the higher level of your tiny house interior.

You can follow the building codes or make some customizations for the best quality of having the tiny house stairs.

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