Space Efficient Tiny House Inside Ideas with Pictures

You can decorate a tiny house inside in the way just like your grandmother’s house. To always keep you living like in a larger home, bringing everything in smaller versions is nice. It is important to enjoy the space atmosphere day and night. You cannot feel comfortable if the space interior is not as you like.

tiny house inside

Living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are most important interiors. You want them to look nice with practicality supports by the correct pieces of accessories altogether. We show you some design ideas in form of pictures to be more descriptive along with proofs.

How to Decorate Tiny House Inside

What would you like to pour? I believe that warmth and comfort are most considerable values as always. Earthy elements are the ones for you then. Furniture, appliances, fixtures and all accessories in different styles to mix and match. If you are on a budget, there are items to get at garage sales. What does really matter is that you feel accommodated although with limited space.

tiny house living room

Different levels of interior spaces give more attractive atmosphere. For instance, you can have the living room in a lower level compared to kitchen and dining room. Wooden flooring, some wall planters and large sliding windows create fresher look and feel.

tiny house kitchen

There is no term that kitchen is the most abused space of interior in tiny houses. All spaces are abused. However, making a kitchen to become a functional and practical space for cooking and dining is always a must. The right cabinetry both above and base provides nice workstation. Maximize any possible spots with extra shelving for storage and display decor.

tiny house dining room

A folding dining table and chairs can take place in living space when dining time comes. They will not take much space when not being used. Just make sure of sufficient narrow space for the storage. The chairs can serve as seating area that portable to use almost anywhere inside of the tiny house.

tiny house bathroom shower

Do you have a subway tiled kitchen backsplash? Then using the exactly the same tiles in bathroom shower is nice. The same appliances and fixtures are also a strong recommendation. This creates harmony between kitchen and bathroom.

tiny house deck

Enjoying outside while you are inside is a great additional value. Why not? Large windows from your living room or dining room will let you see the deck or porch. Sliding glass windows allow you to enjoy fresh air.

tiny house design ideas

All the comfort to feature is a must in any tiny house inside design. The ceiling may be just a few feet away from your head. A king size bed can take place in the loft space.


Anything you do in your tiny house should be with convenience and comfort. Doing dish, cooking, dining, relaxing, sleeping and other more are supported by the correct planning in the building and designing. You may play with colors and styles to mix and match. Well, I hope the pictures spark you some ideas.

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