How To Build A Tiny House On A Trailer with Video

Tiny house movement becoming so popular these days people use as the second home and as the place for recreation. A very cool home will be the asset you have in life. You can invest money by building  tiny house on trailer. This will be so amazing, you can bring the house to anywhere you want simply by attach it into the RV or truck. So how to build a tiny house on a trailer? It is for sure a very nice recreational vehicle Here are some ideas you need to know.

build a tiny house on a trailer

Will you built it by yourself, or hire other people else to do the job for you? It obviously depends on you. However, there are some considerations that drive you to make any diy tiny house on trailer, including budget efficiency. For you who love constructing something, it is a very good idea to make any diy tiny house on trailer.  Otherwise when you think that you have no skill and experience about how to build a tiny house on a trailer, it is better for you to trust the job to other people. Forget about many Youtube tutorials you see, it is not as easy as you think, especially if you require the best result. The best way is by hiring a contractor.

Tiny House on Trailer Building Kits

For you who has minimum experience, skill, and interest to build it by yourself, you can go with it. That’s why, first of all you should prepare some important tool you need to have, they are;

  • Air compressor: $150
  • 2  finish nailers and staple gun: $120
  • Framing nailer: $180
  • Skill miter saw: $79
  • Clamps- assorted: $125
  • Porter cable circular saw, drill, sawzall, flashlight, two batteries (kit): $129
  • Dewalt drill, impact driver, and two batteries- $249
  • Jig saw: $24
  • Assorted small hand tools: estimate $300
  • Table saw: $90
  • Drill bits (various & specialty): $95

Make a plan at first, there are some important things you should consider including is it necessary to make a tiny house portable? If you are a traveling enthusiast person, the tiny house on trailer could be such  a great option which can help you realizing your idea. If you does not like mobility, maybe it is not necessary. Select the site where you will put this, make sure you select the appropriate site with permission. Leveling is another important issue that you need to think about. Probably you want to have two story home, or how about the loft?

You can start by making the foundation, it includes building foundation frame, anchoring the foundation to trailer, attaching metal flashing, adding insulation, adding vapor barrier, and then installing the sub floor. Then go to the other steps. For more detailed steps, you can see the video tutorial below.

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