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A home is the place for your all in one activities. A place where you feel so comfortable to live together with loved ones. You can have your own second home. There you spend time for vacation or such a cool holiday with your lovely family member. It is a good idea to have such a cute house inspired of the small tree house. You could make a cool tiny house made of wood with its charming design. From all the choices you can take into account. It is a very good option to have the mobile tiny house.

Mobile Tiny House

What Is Mobile Tiny House?

The mobile tiny house is just like the other normal tiny houses. It is small, looks charming and adorable. Plus, it consists of wheels above it which makes it easily moved from one place to the other. You know that this type of home could be many people’s favorite, especially if they love spending time in a place that looks unique and mobile. You know that the tiny house is mobile! The wheels work to be able to move the house.

There are some special wheels you can use for your mobile tiny house. Especially if you live in a village with large landscape. Mobiling your home could be such a cool thing that makes you so amaze. You can take your home when you want to visit  a place, or you can easily move when you feel bored living in the same place for years. For some tiny house enthusiasts, the mobile one is the best idea.

Just like another tiny houses, if you want to build the mobile tiny house, you need a plan. It becomes so important because plan can certainly be a parameter whether you do the project successfully or not. It is the important thing as you can step by step realize what you plan. A tiny house also needs a special thinking and consideration. You need to spend time to make a plan, concept, deciding the design, and consulting it to the professional.

How to Build Mobile Tiny House

One major important thing you need to do initially is by doing measurement on the areas where you want to build a home. You should go outside and then measure the land. The size of mobile tiny house is  usually less than 8 ft by 20 ft, or 160 square feet. The size may vary and different between one and the other. Some people choose 7 ft wide by 10 ft length, and the longest is 7 ft wide by 18 ft length. The tiny house is super small house that accommodates almost appliances and joy just like the other traditional house. It only has the super small size, so the owner should be smart and wise in using the space only for the most needed thing.

After doing the measurement, and you have got the exact size of you tiny house you are going to build, it is now for you to make a floor plan. This will not work if you want to buy a prefab tiny house, or such kind of tiny house shell. The firm simply send it to your site, and you do nothing. But if you want to build it by yourself, it is a time for you for making your own floor plan. Make a rough design that you and the other family members prefer. During those processes, it is better if you want to call a professional, and decide about it together with him.

Mobile Tiny House Advantages

As i have mentioned earlier that having a mobile tiny house can give you such kind of pleasure, because you can move it anywhere you aim. The homeowner even can attach it into the truck, or your van. Then, bring it with you to anywhere you want. It sounds so amazing going picnic to anywhere while bringing a home with you. So, you do not need to build any tent or renting a house to stay. You can use your tiny house to live with until 5 people inside. The mobile tiny house is a custom choice, that can follow your imagination to have any cool places with your dream house.

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