Living Luxury in a Big Tiny House

Due to size constraints, it does not mean that you cannot live in luxury. Living in a big tiny house is depending on your lifestyle actually. If you have the budget, then pouring the luxurious accessories and decor is nice. Are you living in a tiny house as the primary residence? There are some essential features to add into your small dwelling. Kitchen, bathroom and other space rooms can be made more than just limited areas.

big tiny house

Design ideas are yours to decide in the effort to create yourself a much better small home and living. What you like the most is one that featured. This is because of the limitation of space available. You should always consider space saving for the storage and organization.

How to Create Luxury in a Big Tiny House

Sliding glass doors are space saving with luxurious value to both interior and exterior. Easy access and open the main living space are featured very well. To create real beauty, the glass doors are complemented by wooden siding. One of the most popular is Western Red Cedar. You can also choose Shou Sugi Ban-treated cedar which increased in durability of the wood. The wood is also nice as material for porch and dining table.

The interiors such as bathroom can have a full-size Jacuzzi tub and shower. Kitchen and dining room are completed with a table with chairs and benches. Reclaimed wood is for sure to create warmth with luxury. Stainless steel appliances and custom cabinets are strongly recommended. Storage and organization are two different things. You should make sure of easy access and practicality.

The loft bed is a space saving. To connect it with lower level of the house, a pull-out oak ladder that custom will give the access. Or, you can also choose Tansu steps with extra spaces for storage.

It is predictable that a big tiny house can be built starting from $79,000 to $95,000. The price is surely reasonable to get the luxury in a tiny house.

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