Modern Tiny House Plans for Beginners

Many people love modern look, it has its own uniqueness usually with wider windows. You also can apply modern style into your tiny house. Unlike traditional house, modern tiny house is usually build with symmetrical style from the low part to the up part. Sometime, you also can find the asymmetrical part enhancing the more artistic look of its entire parts. Modernizing  your home by making modern tiny house plans first could be a very cool idea to make it looks sophisticated, futuristic as well as high architectural look.

So how to realize your dream modern tiny house? So you need to have a good floor plan as the guide for you to build it. Here are some ideas you will need about modern tiny house plans.

Modern Tiny House Plans Exterior

modern tiny house plans

The exterior part of the tiny house also should be considered so creatively. Tiny house exterior part that looks so cute and charming from the outside, can invite other people interest to see it. You can try to charm its look, and you can do many things for its modern appealing. First you can consider for designing it through selecting the right wall color. The light and cheerful color such as blue, green, white, will be a super cool choice to make your tiny house look enchanted. You also can consider to make such a charming modern stair. Modern house consists of the more window within it, making the outside looks so sophisticated.

Modern Tiny House Plans Interior


Let’s go to the interior part, this is another very important part of the tiny house you should be able to decorate. The interior part of a modern tiny house concept basically will be the same as the exterior part itself. However, inside you put some furniture, decoration and lighting. For the floor, you can choose tile or hardwood. Both could be so great to enhance your modern tiny house. You also should select material made of fabric or glass, such as fabric couch, or glass door kitchen cabinet. Those parts also contributes to the maximum beauty of the room. Decorate your loft with good comforter, as well as some shelves to put clothes and your personal things. Wall and lighting should be the other parts you make as beautiful as possible.

Modern Tiny House Floor Plan

modern tiny house floor plans

Make a cool tiny house floor plan if you want to have the modern tiny house. Floor plan can be the guide you use to build the tiny house. Make a floor plan in a piece of paper, or by using computer to make 3d floor plan. You can look for some floor plan examples in internet, and then adjust it into your own measurement. For the best result, calling professionals or buying a floor plan from some services should be considered. Although those requires you the additional budget, but it gives the equal value in the end.

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