The Most Common Tiny House Shower Ideas

Are you thinking of a tiny house shower? There are design ideas to select and best suit requirements. Following layout and decor that existing is one key to successful design. It is more than just a mere space for taking shower. You should feel convenient when in the room space.

tiny house shower

Floor plans are holding the key to the nice shower whether in a tiny or large house. You may play with colors and extra features to add into the shower. Here are some examples of most common shower designs in tiny houses.

Folding Tiny House Shower

folding tiny house shower

It is a very popular choice in small studio apartment. Many great features are offered like easy installation and un-installation. Colors can be selected to blend well with existing decor. Anytime in need of it, just fold down. When fold up, the shower looks like a built-in cabinet.

Thermostatic valves are used so that you can have both hot and cold water for a nice bath experience. You can also call it as wall mounted shower that frees up flooring space.

Other Tiny House Shower Design Ideas

  • Ofuro
It is a luxurious way to enjoy bath with Japanese style bathroom shower. The design tends to be expensive but you can be sure of pampering yourself.
  • Horse Through
It is adorable, light weight and affordable to complete your tiny house bathroom with the shower. You can pick the correct shape and size among many options.
  • Metal Shower
It is a popular choice among DIYers to create a simple bathroom shower in tiny houses. The material is galvanized steel sheets that waterproof.
  • Wooden Shower or Tub
Best woods such as cedar and teak are water resistant. They can create fine designs of shower with aesthetic naturally and fantastic. However, sealant can be applied to make sure of long lasting quality for the maintenance.
  • Tile

Creative and beautiful tiny shower can be created by using tiles. Mosaic tiles are quite popular to give aesthetic touch with colors.

There you go the most common design ideas for tiny house shower. Which suits you best? Take into account for the best values.

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