Buying A New and Used Tiny Trailer House - Pros and Cons

There are so many to consider when it comes to buying a trailer house. Tiny trailer house has pros and cons. Whether you are buying a new or used one, make sure of the most out of the benefits. You have to take several considerations into account. Both new and used trailer house have different specs to learn before fixing the purchase.

tiny trailer house

Ask yourself these questions. Are you buying it cash or finance? What manufacturer? What are you willing to spend for the trailer? What kind of trailer house? What floor plan that best suits your requirement? There are pros and cons of buying whether it is a new or used.

Buying a Used Tiny Trailer House Pros

If you are on a tight budget, then a used one is a nice option. You can get a good quality bargain on it. Anytime, you can resell it to earn some more cash from the sale. You just have to make sure that the trailer is in a well condition. DIY projects to makeover the tiny trailer for living house will be fun. It would take effort and creativity with time but it should be worth.

Buying a Used Tiny Trailer Cons

  • Buying used item including trailer house is a bit of a gamble. In most cases, warranty has a long gone or expired. This will eventually make you spend more costs. This also means “homework”.
  • Cleaning is indeed a must have to make sure of a fine condition of the tiny trailer for the house.
  • Another problem is that you should select the ideal floor plans.

Buying a New Tiny Trailer House Pros

  • The new and fresh looking trailer house is certainly sparkling nicely. In case there is issue with it, you still have the warranty to have it repaired just for free.
  • Free maintenance allows you to change battery, tires and other part at least before the warranty is expired.
  • There are floor plans to select for the best convenience to enjoy.

Buying a New Tiny Trailer House Cons

  • Depreciation is fast for new trailers. It is good for awhile but after years, you will owe more than its worth (if you finance it).
  • The price is much higher than the used one. If you mind the budget really, then it is wiser buying a used trailer house.

Each has pros and cons. What you have to do is consider the most benefits depending on your requirements.

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