Best DIY Tiny House

These days, tiny house becomes so popular, as it can fulfill the life style and need of you. People have different need and requirement regarding the home or place for life. People build the tiny house as the way to live simpler, as well as the place for life style. It is preferred as well simply because the owner want to have second home. There they can spend time there where they feel bored living in their home. The tiny house has its pros and cons, but for them who need it, it becomes such a solution. If you want to build it, you can consider whether to build any diy tiny house or hiring other people else to do it for you.

DIY Tiny House

Here we are going to discuss with you about diy tiny house. It will be very beneficial if you feel so confuse to do this or not.

DIY Tiny House Cost

One important thing you should keep in mind is about the cost. Make a consideration whether you want to build the diy tiny house or not. The initial thing you should do is by considering and comparing the cost between those choices. Diy tiny house will cost smaller compared if you ask other people to do this. It is because you do not spend money to hire people. The cost of hiring people even could be the same with cost and budget you spend for buying any materials for a home. Therefore, many people consider to do it by themselves based on this consideration.

How about the actual diy tiny house cost? If you consider to do it yourself building tiny house, it  is around $2000 up to $30.000 for the maximum cost. Of course it also depends on the other factors such as material you use, the size of your tiny house, and many more. If compared to the contractor-built tiny house, the price may be twice. It is started around $3000 and more up to as high as $80.000. So if you have the limited budget, it is a good idea to build the tiny house by yourself.

DIY Tiny House Ideas

Before you ensure yourself to build the diy tiny house, you also need to consider several ideas here. Those are important to be included into your consideration. So you can reach the successful project of building tiny house.

  1. Ask yourself whether you have the experience or not about building a home or not. You also need to ensure yourself that you have the carpentry skill. Those skills are important because during building the tiny house. You will cut the board, attach it with the others board, and anything else. If you have no experience at all, it is better for you to buy the tiny house kit or tiny house shell.
  2. Ask yourself whether you will have the time to do this or not. Building the tiny house from the ground may need so much time, at least 10 days work. If you feel that you are so busy, so it is not possible to do this by yourself. The solution is by purchasing the tiny house kit or shell which can be done by two people at least in 5 days work or around 500 hours.
  3. You can contact some firms or companies such as Tumbleweed Tiny House, and you can order wide variety of diy tiny house you can customize.

DIY Tiny House Pros and Cons

Diy tiny house also has pros and cons. It is essential to know each of them. If you build it by yourself, of course it will be lots cheaper than hiring other people. It also will be more customized into your need and preference. You can make it truly like what you want. Otherwise, notice as well that diy tiny house will not only a great idea. However, the professional work will be lots better than the amateur work. Diy tiny house is not guaranteed to have best result at the end, unlike the professional work. Beside, diy tiny house also may take time so long. Based on these considerations, hopefully you can decide wisely.

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