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A tiny house offers some interest to its user through its excellent design with simple unique small size. If you want to own the tiny house, you should make a plan, which include budget plan as well. However, it is well known that building tiny house may need much money. Many people then ask about how much does the tiny house cost? This will vary depend on some factors. You probably feel so curious about the actual cost of the tiny house. It can help you to make sure yourself that your budget is enough for building your dream tiny house. Here we are going to help about tiny house cost, that may help you defining it.

Tiny House Cost

Many people want to live in a tiny house, but most of them are not even sure about how much it’s going to cost. This is a serious problem, because when you are intending to own something. Wisely you should know about how much it cost actually, not roughly. Then you have to prepare such the budget before starting the project. This will be the success key of doing anything, including when you are building for a tiny house. Making sure that you have the enough budget to build a tiny house will be emergence when you feel want to build it immediately.

Tiny House Cost Consideration

Many people argue that building a tiny house may need lower cost than building a large traditional home, but it is not always true. Sometime, building a tiny house may cost even bigger than any traditional large home. It depends on some factors including material you are using, hiring contractors or not, the system that you use, furniture you select, and design you apply. If you hire a designer to make a design to your own tiny house interior and exterior, it must add the value of your cost which is higher than if you design it by yourself. However, paying the professional may result better than do it by yourself.

DIY VS Hiring Contractor

When you are going to build your own tiny house, you need to make a consideration. It includes whether you want to do it by yourself entirely, or hiring the other people to do it for you. Diy tiny house may cost lower than a contractor-built tiny house.  You can decide to do it by yourself, it depends on you, but it needs some other considerations. However, for people with limited budget, diy idea is such a great option.

If you sure that you have time to do it, just go, but if you have another activities such as working. It is not possible if you can do it effectively and efficiently. If you have the skill to cut the wood, metal, to put them together, painting the wall, and other skill about contractor’s job, just go. But if you are even zero experience, simply trust it to the professional which can do better for you.

DIY tiny house cost may vary as well, it is started from around $5000 to $40.000. So, we can roughly pull the average around $20.000 as the diy tiny house cost. How about hiring contractor? The prices will be lots higher. It is started from around $10.000 to $80.000, or the average is $35.000.  This is arguable that hiring contractor may need less time to finish the project than the diy project. So if you want to finish it so soon, hiring other people is a great idea.

How Much Space You Need

The cost of building tiny house is also influenced by how much space you need. Larger space may require bigger amount of money as well. So you should make sure and doing measurement at first about the area you want to build. It way of you getting more actual budget plan based on space and how much material will be used. Tiny house enthusiasts often fantasize about having a life in a small room with windows and doors, and you can make it with room and spaces to stretch your legs. You will need the privacy by making a separate areas.

The space of tiny house may vary, it depends on different need of its owner. If your land is about 8’ x 12’ interior, which consists of 100 square feet per person. So we can count that averagely the new construction is $125/square foot, but then can go as high as $500/square foot for custom work.

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