Diy Tiny House On Wheels, Consider These Things!

diy tiny house on wheels

DIY tiny house will be the good idea you can do if you want to have a very cool tiny house with very limited budget. You can consider to have very excellent tiny house even in a very minimum cost. The best alternative to do this is simply by doing it by yourself. Consider to build the diy tiny house on wheels, and of course it will be a good thing to do as you can save lots of money to build this home. Beside, the tiny house on wheel is also very suitable for you who loves mobility, because even you can bring it to anywhere you want.

Here we have some important things must be considered if you want to build the diy tiny house on wheels.


First of all you should make consideration and carefully thinking about budget. Budget will be the important matter that you should define at first. Budget will relates how much money you should spend for building the tiny house, purchasing the appliances and furniture, and also decorating it with some cool accessories and arts. Make a budget plan, to do this you can ask the help from your partner or family member.


Make a plan to the project in detail from the beginning to the end. In the diy process, you start by making the base of your tiny house consisting the wheel. There are usually 4 wheels or 6 wheels, depends on the length of your tiny house you want to build. You can see some youtube videos about how to install it. However, the step could be even more complicated than what you see on youtube video. So during this process you should find any helps.

You can continue the step by completing any boards you are going to use for wall, floor, and also roofing. The tiny house on wheels is usually made of lighter material such as light wood and light metal, its size is also not too big, usually less than 200 square feet. So the building process could be faster and less energy and material. If all the board is complete, you need to nail them, so they are ready to install later. During the processes, it is better if you ask for any helps from relatives, friends or other closest persons.


Diy tiny house on wheels project could be so tiring and cost much energy. That’s why it is also important for you to have a partner to accompany and help you during the entire process. You can ask some people to accompany you such as you wife or husband, your children, maybe your closest friends, and even could be you hire someone to help you. Finding the good partner during the project is one of the success key of your diy tiny house on wheels.

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