How To Minimize Cost of Tiny House Building

The number of tiny house in America increases every year. The tiny house itself could be a very good option to reduce number of homeless people. Moreover, the tiny house is not only used as the shelter. These days, it is even used as the place for recreation and life style. Just like RV, or recreational vehicle, it also uses the concept of maximizing super tiny space to accommodate all your need. Tiny house is also built for recreational need. So, how about cost of tiny house? It might be so high, right? Here are some simple explanation you should read.

Tiny House Cost

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How much does the cost of tiny house? There is no actually exact number about it. It could be so high and even so cheap. If you have at least $2000, of course you can own a cool tiny house. The tiny house cost at least $2000 up to the best and premium one which can reach up to $80.000. However, you still can have your own best tiny house, it is very very possible,especially if you can minimize the the money and budget you have. It will be so easy, just read the tips below.

Tips to Minimize Tiny House Budget

How to have cool tiny house even with a limited budget? Here are three ideas you need to consider.

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Diy Tiny House

Tiny house diy is the first good idea you need to consider to minimize cost of tiny house. Diy tiny house vs contractor-built tiny house’s price will be so much different. Diy tiny house cost even can be fulfilled with only $2000, meanwhile for the contractor-built tiny house, at least you should prepare $8000. Hiring other people to construct a house for you requires you to prepare the more budget. If you do it by yourself, at least you save the half of its cost and even more.

Reuse And Recycle Material

Use the reuse and recycle material for the building tiny house, this will be another very excellent idea in order to minimize the cost to build a cool tiny house. You can use reuse wood, reuse metal, and other old material which looks good and possible to reuse as material for tiny house. Recycling unused material such as container, and even plastic, could be a good idea to make your tiny house as cheap as possible.

Tiny House Sale

Looking for the tiny house sale will be another simple thing you can do to minimize cost of tiny house. You can look for the second hand tiny house, and find one with sale. The tiny house kit and tiny house shell might be offered in sale as well, and this could save your money a lot.

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