How Much Do Tiny Houses Cost: Diy, Kit, Shell and Contractor

Building a tiny house these days becomes the trend among people. Living big in a tiny space becomes so popular as it also would give you a particular excitement when you are staying there. But you have a certain question in your mind, how much do tiny houses cost? There is no exact cost for building it, because it may vary depends on the location, style, size, and also material you choose. But here we are going to give you the rough estimation about building tiny house. We hope it can represent the average cost to build a tiny house.

Diy Tiny House Cost

diy tiny house

Following the popularity of tiny house around the world, there are many people who attempt building their own tiny house both mobile or immobile. Tiny house nation is the popular program in America and almost all country in the world, leading to the rapid increase of tiny house enthusiasm around the world. They publish such the process building tiny house from the beginning to the end. There are many people who are encouraged to build their own diy tiny house. It could be a very good idea, because it is not only custom but also more affordable. How about the cost? Diy tiny house cost is started from around $4000 up to$40.000 and will always increase every year.

Tiny House Kit

tiny house kit

When you think that the diy tiny house is not a good option you can choose, another option which is friendly with you is the tiny house kit. This is another good alternative for you, every diy enthusiast, to build your own tiny house. It is done in the easier way and process. Diy tiny house from the ground requires you making the floor plan, purchasing some materials, cutting them, putting them together, and then do finishing. Tiny house kit lets you get some materials. You only need to structure it to form a complete tiny house. It requires only minimum carpentry skills, and can be done even with only two people. How about the price? Tiny house kit price is started around $5000 up to $50.000.

Tiny House Shell

tiny house shell

You do not have any carpentry skill, with zero building experience as well. Of course the tiny house shell could be the best option for you. Unlike diy tiny house and tiny house kit, you only need to do such the finishing process for the interior decoration. It will be interesting to do. So you only need to order the tiny house from a company, and they will send it to your site. The tiny house shell price will be more expensive sometime, started from around $8000 up to $50.000.

Constructor-Built House

constructor tiny house

Then, you can make the house custom, with no effort at all. The solution is by asking contractors or professional to build the tiny house for you, depend on the design and concept you want. This will be the best thing to get best tiny house, and equal with the budget you should prepare. Constructor-built tiny house is started around $10.000 up to $80.000.

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