A Simple Guide to Tiny Modern House

You can bring the feel of modern into your tiny house, it is what many people love the most. The modern feel of course will be very attractive to have as it can give you any calming minimalist look to the home. Following the popularity of tiny house in the market, these days many people are trying to make their own tiny house with the different style as they prefer. You can see some design ideas in the popular television series, the tiny house nation, that shows the process of building a tiny house with a certain style, including tiny modern house. Here are many things you should consider when you want to build the modern tiny house.

Characteristics of Tiny Modern House

tiny modern house

There are some major characteristic of the tiny modern house you should know if you are going to build this type of tiny house in your own land. First, it has sleeker look with simple cutting. The material such as wood looks modern, without overwhelming accent like what you can see in the rustic home style. The wood looks fresh and no grain, colored by the bright paint, or sometime the dark one. The use of wood in tiny house building is not too much, people prefer to choose the other materials such as metal and glass.

Metal and glass are dominant as the material of tiny modern house. You also can choose hardwood as the construction of house. The combination of wood, metal, glass, and even manufactured material on its different portion could bring maximum beauty of modern look.

Tiny Modern House Interior and Furniture


tiny modern house interior

Based on the interior look, tiny modern house has sleek and charming look. The selected paint is usually white, grey, and other colors that do not give overlooking appearance. The glass door and window is usually without any frame, and both from interior and exterior, it looks totally charming. There are also some accessories you can find in the market to improve the beauty of your modern tiny house style. Wall accessories such as painting and wall clock with modern feel are available in very wide variety of options. You need to bring them to your home, but remember, do not do something overlooking and overwhelming. Modern style characteristic is usually bold and plain, with simple artistic look. For flooring, you should be creative by choosing the right rug that can add value and accent of it.


tiny modern house furniture

Just like the interior, the furniture also should look simpler without being overlooking and overwhelming. It will be very easy to find various tiny house furniture in modern style in the market. You can choose couch made of fabric with plain color. Teal blue, white, purple, green, red, anything, will look so good in plain for your modern tiny house. If you want to bring accent with your couch, consider to choose stripped accent for the couch. It could be very charming and decorative. There are not much furniture in the tiny house, so you do not feel too much worry about this.

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