Ideas For Building a Tiny House and Living Well There

Number of homeless increases year by year. There are some reasons which drive this fact. First, because the price of a home and building a home will be very expensive. You need to have money at least $50.000 only for a small house. As the solution, you can consider to choose tiny house. A house which does not more than 500 square feet. Building a tiny house is a great solution for them who are homeless. For some people, it is built as the second home, or only a house for recreation.

To guide you building a tiny house, here are the ideas;

Making the Plan

Making the Plan

When building a tiny house, you need to consider many things. Making the plan is the first important thing you should do. Making the plan will include determining your need and purpose of building a tiny house. Every people will have different reason why they should have tiny house. This first reason then will determine how the tiny house looks like. Selecting the site is also important, decide where you will build it, and consider also about the pros and cons of the place, the risk may come if you build a tiny house there, and benefits you will get. It can help you making the consideration.

When making a plan, you als need to talk with other people who own tiny house as well. Consult with them about anything you want to know. Then, you can start making your own floor plan, or purchase the floor plan from some services such as tumbleweed. Determine also the major features you want to have, such as kitchen or shower, or maybe the storage units. Create the budget, adjusted into your own financial condition.

Partnership and Tool

building a tiny house diy

Building a tiny house will need some tool and also partnership. Make sure have prepared every tool you will need. You should provide any basic tools such as;

  • Air compressor: $150
  • 2  finish nailers and staple gun: $120
  • Framing nailer: $180
  • Skill miter saw: $79
  • Clamps- assorted: $125
  • Porter cable circular saw, drill, sawzall, flashlight, two batteries (kit): $129
  • Dewalt drill, impact driver, and two batteries- $249
  • Jig saw: $24
  • Assorted small hand tools: estimate $300
  • Table saw: $90
  • Drill bits (various & specialty): $95

You also should have other people who help you building your tiny house. You can ask the closest people such as knowledgeable friends, family members, and even the expert or professional. With the help of other people, you know that the process of building a tiny house will be faster, more interesting, and better because you can discuss with them about anything. Hiring professional will need higher budget, but it is equal with the result you can see in the end.

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