Best Tiny House Kit

If you want to have a cool tiny house where you can live there to enjoy your spare time, so it is time for you to start thinking about the plan. Every tiny house will be the perfect place to spend time while reading book, or simply as the place where you can stretch your legs after work. To have a cool tiny house, at least you need to spend money for $15.000, it may be higher even up to $50.000 if you hire a contractor and choose the best quality of material an design. The tiny house kit may be the solution you can choose anyway.

Tiny House Kit

It is also very reasonable if you spend many hours to build a tiny house. In the end it will give you the best result providing all you need and dream so much. The key is that your tiny house should fulfill your own expectations, so whether you spend time and money so much for it, it is worth and gives best for you. Many tiny house enthusiast even dream for living in a small closet with such the adorable door and window, you can realize it with ease.

Tiny House Kit VS Tiny House Shells

You can consider to buy the tiny house, doing it by yourself, or building it by hiring a contractor. However, there is also another alternative you can consider about the tiny house kit. You may consider to have the tiny house kit or tiny house shells, it depends on you. Whats the different between tiny house kit vs the tiny house shells?.

Tiny House Kit

Tiny house kit is recommended for people with minimal building experience. It can help you a lot for finishing the project of building any tiny house with ease, and convenient. It consists of the tiny house and everything you need to assembly it. The parts of the house comes with the screen, window, and other parts you need to built. The tiny house kit lets you put your own tiny house together like playing puzzle. The price of tiny house kit may vary, and it is started from around $2000 up to as high as $35.000.

Tiny House Shell

If you are a tiny hours enthusiast with no building experience, you can consider to buy a tiny house shell. So, what is the different with the tiny house kit? Actually, you have all the part well done. You get a tiny house with its floor, roof, wall, door and window all in their own place. The company will send the tiny house shell to your place, and what you need to do is only decorating the interior, and do some finishing if required. If compared to the tiny house kit, the price of tiny house shell is higher, because you get everything done. It is started from around $5000 up to $60.000.

When you are considering to have whether buying for the tiny house kit or tiny house shell, it fully depends on you. You need to make consideration about budget, your skill, time you have, and your availability. The tiny house kit may be lots fun you can finish it with loved ones.

Popular Tiny House Kits

You can look for some company you can find in internet which offers the tiny house kit and shell to choose. They are available to serve you and provide you very huge selections of tiny house at the various number of style, size, design and material. Some companies may offer sale, and it could offer you the lower price of tiny house kit to choose. When choosing the company or firm, make sure you read the review about it. Ensure as well about the design and material of tiny house it offers is also very important.

Tiny house kit offers pre assembly house you can structure yourself like a puzzle. You can keep contact with some popular companies if you really want to have it. There are some popular names such as Jamaica cottage shop. It offers a tiny house kit with 40 hours assembly for two people. If you want to have this. It requires the beginner carpentry skills and basic construction experience, but fortunately there is no special tools required.

How about shelter kit? This may be another good choice if you want to have any tiny house kit. It requires the some construction experience required. It offers the tiny house kit with 5 to 25 days assembly for two people.

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