The Spacious Elegant Two Story Tiny House

The cool two story house will be such  perfect place for everyone to have an intimate gathering there. Living in a tiny house will be something different, that does not the same with living in a standard home. Tiny house as its name, has very small sizes, it is tiny and super small, the size is no more than 500 square feet. Of course you can imagine how it looks so tiny, limited space, and minimalist. However, the tiny house still accommodate every room like what you have in the standard traditional house. If you does not think enough with one story home, having the two story tiny house will be very good.

Two Story Tiny House Concept

best two story tiny house

Two story tiny house is found as the good solution and idea for everyone who really want to have sufficient space for the house, but still in the concept of tiny. You can build for the second floor, and it is usually used as the bedroom, in which you have the comfortable place to take a rest, sleep so tight at night. The use of second floor in tiny house depends on its users. Sometime it is used as the bedroom, and sometime it is used as the living space.

two story tiny house

You need to make a consideration about measurement of the  second floor in your two story tiny house. Will you add the balcony as well there? How about its exact measurement? Make a consideration about it carefully. If you want to build the balcony, you have another homework such as thinking about its railing. However, the two story tiny house will be a nice choice as it can serve you the more spacious area.

Two Story Tiny House Floor Plan

two story tiny house floor plan

Another very essential thing in building a tiny house is making the best floor plan. Floor plan will be very important, it is the initial thing you should do when you want to construct a house. Making a plan on a piece of paper with the help of pencil, ruler and eraser will be very challenging. However, for some tiny house enthusiasts, it is something they love the most. Making the plan for construction, the measurement and division of room.

You can see the photo above, about the good two story tiny house floor plan. Try to build your own tiny house with your own concept. You can do it manually by using paper and pencil, or do it with better way by using computer help. When you think that it is not possible to do this by yourself, you can purchase the floor plan from some popular services. For all the detail of size of every room, you can see the photo above.

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