Know the Differences Between Tiny House RV and RV

Having a tiny house for some people could be very pleasing. This is not only as the prove of property ownership, which says that we have more than one houses in life, the standard home size and the tiny house as the second home. More than it, the tiny house RV also could be very interesting as the item for life style. Many people know really want to have big living in a tiny space, it sounds weird but you can prove how it feels so pleasing. You can consider to have such kind of tiny house RV in your live, and you yourself can prove how it gives a certain excitement.

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Tiny House RV Concept

The concept of tiny house RV with the other tiny house is basically the same. It is a building looks like a house, but it has super small size, and usually in rectangular shape. Its size is no more than 500 square feet, or around 46 m2. So you can imagine how small it is. Yes, but there are some rooms you can find like in a big house. You can find bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and even shower. What distinguish between tiny house and the tiny house RV is only its portability. The tiny house RV is built with wheels on it, or on the trailer, which makes it portable like an RV car. Of course it is made for recreation and vacation, so you can go anywhere with the house, and you do not need to built a camp.

Tiny House RV VS RV Car

Both tiny house RV or mobile tiny house and the RV car is the same built for the recreational need. Right now you may feel so confuse about what you should have, the tiny house RV or the RV car itself. Here we have the simple considerations which can help you.

Tiny House RV

tiny house rv

There are some pros and cons of tiny house RV you need to know. We are going to talk about the pros at first. It has the homey feeling and look, and it could give a better feeling of living in anywhere including in road. You also can built it free of toxic materials, which is really good for your health. On the other hands, the tiny house RV could be the more expensive than the RV car. Beside, it is not very aerodynamic so not the best for you if you want to travel a lot with it. It will be quite challenging as well to park it, and would attract so much attention on the road which may makes you uncomfortable.

RV Car


You have known about mobile tiny house, its pros and cons. How about the RV car? Firstly, you will get what you will not get on the tiny house RV. The RV car is aerodynamic and lightweight compared to tiny houses. Beside, it is also easier to get around with this, without seeking too much attention. On the other hands, it does not feel homey, it still feels like on a vehicle. The space is also not as big as the tiny house. The materials inside like gassing may be harmful for your health because its toxic substances.

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